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November and December are usually months where I spend a lot of time thinking about what I photographed in the past year and what I want to photograph in the next year. More accurately, they are the months where I think about how I should be thinking about those things. One yearly tradition is to go though my archive and find my fave shots from the year and to think about why they are the favorites. Apologies for some repeats from prior posts. There's lots of exposition on each one, so, eat as much or as little of that as you like!

I like to make a few photo goals each year. Without a specific grounding focus I'll spend more time thinking about what I should take pictures of then actually making photographs. Removing at least one part of the equation helps create a small amount of momentum. 

This year I worked on flora portraits (see here) and "Ground-hogging Over Time, " a randomized notification that pinged me to take a photo of whatever I was looking at several times a week. I've printed all the photos from the year for that project and I'm still processing how exactly I want to display/use them - but I'm excited to! I just don't think 300+ fairly mediocre photos on a blog is the perfect venue. It's more about the whole than any specific pic. More to come on that.

Next year I've decided to focus on landscape photography.  I want to actually put in the time and energy to intentionally explore photographing landscapes, rather than letting them happen as an aside of trips. It's fairly terrifying to me to have a singular focus. I usually try a grab bag, I think because then it's less obvious (to me) whether I've failed or not. But I'm diving in, failure is part of the fun right?

Thanks for riding along with me on this lil blog journey this year. I still feel very much like a toddler taking some stumbling steps (like when I accidentally erased the text portion of 2/3rds of my last posts) but I also feel inspired by this opportunity to more deeply share with y’all. So thanks for your time and engagement, it means a lot to me.