Blog's 1st Baby Steps

It's some words! It's some photos! It's a combination some words and some photos! 

ICYMI - I'll be using this space to share from projects I'm working on, one off pictures of peoples, places and things I'm excited by and a few words of context or musing. Pic explanations below.

Click on a photo to view it full screen. The "i" on the left shows more details if interested. Add comments using the speech bubble box on the left if you feel so inspired!

(1-3) My week to week, shoot without having to think too much practice, is flora portraits. I love finding each seasons' beauties and seeing how they express themselves when propped up alone.

(4) Sometimes we celebrate and put on lipstick.

(5-9) Since late 2020 I've been working on a project I'm calling "Ground-hogging Over Time" or GOT (name wip). I have an app on my phone set to randomly ding twice a day on Tues, Fri and Sun. At ding (assuming I noticed) I snap whatever I'm looking at. Created in the depths of quarantine I wanted to explore the repetitive structure of days while also giving myself an excuse to have a "be present" reminder. I'm going to keep it going through at least the end of this year and we'll see how it unfolds. I'll add more details of the experience in future posts.