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In this edition of random photos that have very little to do with previous posts or photos, we have, birds!

Although the intention was to focus on landscape photography this year, what’s actually happened is a lot of pictures of little avians. This is partly because it’s been an extremely wet spring so I haven’t been inspired to long hikes. Also because we’re finally getting married in a month after the two year COVID pause, so time has been more precious than normal.

Birds however, are pretty accessible. Mount Tabor park is a short walk from our house and birds happen to be big fans. Overlapping with the pause of our wedding, I’ve become a pretty big fan of birds myself. What originally started as a way to slow down and be more aware of my surroundings (shout out to “How to do Nothing" by Jenny Odell) turned into a full blown 70 year old retiree type obsession. 

So, we’ve got love and accessibility which has ended up in the rolling together of two passions, photography and the little wings.

These photos have some overlap with the last post in that they showcase me being new and bad at a thing. The last few months have been my first trying to photograph birds. But just because I love it doesn’t mean I’m good at it. Birds, it turns out, are often small, and fast. 

Still, it’s fun to struggle and engage with new passions.

Also, a bonus photo of my parents‘ dog Gilly, cuz who doesn’t love a pup pic?

Also also, now that I follow other people who take pictures of birds, I recently noticed a rant from a bird photographer of how sick he was of "birds on a stick." Well, turns out basically all of my photos are birds on a stick, cuz what TF else do birds hang out on? Thus, my titles. Suck it Mr. Sticks Hater.

Birb Drop