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I fell down the deepest of rabbit holes recently. I started using Lightroom to edit and manage my photos sometime around 2015. Prior to that they lived in some non organized hell of iphoto and Facebook albums. I took the last month to import the 28000 photos that represent all of my pre Lightroom pictures and organize/cull them so that all my pictures can live in the same home.

It was maybe not equal parts fun and excruciating but definitely bits of both. Pouring through the photos was a very slow (quick?) time lapse of life from 2003-2015, starting with college all the way to moving to Portland after working in Vienna. Although I didn't start taking pictures that were trying to be art until ~2010, I was shocked by how many photos I'd taken before that. They were 100 percent focused on documenting parties but it was still surprising to realize I'd been a camera guy even before I thought of myself as a "photographer." 

The real trigger for this post though was when I got to 2010 and started to comb through the beginning of my journey as a quote photographer unquote. It was shocking to re see the world through my fresh eyes. The openness and willingness to see anything as a potential photograph and then TRY to take that photograph. Walking through your own beginners mindset from 12 years ago is wild. There was no concern for failure or how bad a photo attempt might be, only curiosity and persistence.

So I felt some jealousy and remorse for that loss of innocence. A photo has to jump through a lot more hoops in my brain (interest? light? relevance to projects?) these days before I mentally agree to consider snapping the picture. There is something lost there.

I thought it would be fun to share from that archive, photos from the first 5ish years of photography. Some of the pain, some of the gems and just a little snapshot of the starting a new hobby arc. Although all blog posts feel a bit navel gazy, this one is especially so. I hope it's still fun to peruse! To bringing beginnings back to middles and ends.

Nostalgia Imbruglia