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First of all, thanks and welcome! You clicked some buttons to receive this on purpose. I appreciate that a ton! I'm excited to be sharing this thing with y'all. 

Having a blog is weird. It feels much more personal than posting on IG/facebook which somehow didn't carry the same weight of expectation, the same personalness. That said, this will certainly be a work in progress. I'm learning as I go and will probably play with some different styles, themes, ideas etc. Feedback is also highly desired. Drop it on me! For now, I'm going to spend a little timing catching up from the past 1.5 years of having no place to post, in no particular linear fashion. Then move into what I'm working on currently.

COVID largely shut off one of my favorite subjects to shoot - friends, and specifically friends doing some sort of celebrating. We were also extremely fortunate to have people we could still see throughout even the worst days of quarantine. This series of photos are highlights from those moments we got to play together in the past two years. Patterns of same people, babies and outdoors (although, basically any good non flash portrait is outdoors).