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Backpacking is my favorite time of the year. Being in nature and being away from technology for extended periods of time is as close to a soul spa as I can get. 

A group of us from highschool have been doing a trip every year for about a decade now. We can't all always go, but we pass the torch on with as many of us who can. Other times Huey and I squeeze in a trip or are invited on someone else's adventure. Beauty, friends, limited choices, physical exertion (and occasional swarms of mosquitos, drenching rains, freezing snows or rabid goats) is battery replenishing paradise.

I'm not a landscape photographer. I don't bring a tripod or spend days scouting locations. I don't blend a billion photos for the perfect lighting or spend more than a handful of minutes editing the pictures. But dang, taking photos of outrageously beautiful places is such a treat. It feels like a cheat code. I'm just capturing the thing very obviously right in front of me. It's still satisfying.

These are from our trips over the past two years. Arranged roughly from sunrise to sunset. Deets on each by clicking into the gallery.