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Second Exhibit: Momentary Humans

February 9, 2018 from 5:00 - 8:00pm @ the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - 7220 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

For a second time, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce an upcoming photo show, “Momentary Humans” again at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - courtesy of the amazing Andrew Rickel.

The exhibit will showcase photographs of people with an emphasis on the natural and candid - who we are & where we are. The full sequence of exhibit photos can be seen here.

Taking photos of people is one of my favorite ways to remind myself of the good. Humans show an infinite capacity for expression and individuality moment to moment. How we spend time with each other is the sticky glue integral for joy. Although occasionally self-conscious as a thief of intimate moments, mostly I feel charged by capturing and sharing the little expressions of genuine emotion which so quickly fleet across a face.

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Upcoming Exhibit: day to day delight

August 25, 2017 from 5:00 - 8:00pm @ the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - 7220 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

I could not be more excited to announce my upcoming show, with huge help from Pastor/friend Andrew Rickel.

The exhibit will showcase the work that first triggered my obsession with photography: the process of slowing down and re-learning to see the basic beauty in the world around us. The full sequence of exhibit photos can be seen here

My entry point to photography was walking, with a camera, where ever I was - whether it was exploring somewhere new, or retracing steps somewhere I'd lived for years. Without training or vision I wandered with the intention of finding photographs. It became my meditation. Although actual meditation was a constantly failed goal, walking slowly with my camera became my next best proxy.

The photo walks were/are a way of slowing down the world. When I'm by myself and looking, the way the world connects with itself is a source of constant amazement. Several blocks can take a half an hour, or 2 minutes, it just depends what scale I'm willing to let myself concentrate on. It feels meaningful because so much of everyday is packed to the brim with tasks and nexts and destinations. I love the excuse to meander, to get lost in what might otherwise be nothing, it is the getting lostness of it which spectacular. When I can slow down and change my perception, to see as someone present to where I am, the world contracts and each moment is its own bubble of wonder. 

The exhibit will be arranged in approximate chronological order and examines how this approach has (and hasn't) changed for me over the past seven years of practice.

Climate Change Snapshots

CC Snaps are a series of pics I’m taking focusing on some small part of climate change every several weeks:

At this point what’s important to me with these postings is to keep engaged with climate change through learning, advocacy and creativity. The posts will range from prescriptive to educational, some hopeful and some laments.

Click here for the associated text with each photo

Life of Chestnuts

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I wanted to work on some projects related to the Fall. I've seen chestnuts in my neighborhood strewn everywhere, ubiquitous, shiny and enticing. A few of em tumbled over to ask if I might be willing to do a series exploring the ins and outs of chestnut life. Who am I to say no?

Named in order:

#1 - Out of the womb

#2 - A mormon family

#3 - In which chestnut contemplates the precipice 

#4 - The bounty

#5 - Skyline de la ville

#6 - Home binds us all

#7 - Lions and tigers and nuts oh my

#8 - Five stages of grief: denial - anger - bargaining - depression - acceptance

#9 - Teenage wasteland

#10 - Tidal wave tragedy ruins otherwise charming family vacation

#11 - Historical nooks

#12 - A four part (end to our) story wherein the chestnuts enter the void, confront the abyss and shatter under the weight of infinity.

Shooting with Jana - 11-05-14

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